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March 17, 2016

3/17/2016 02:22:00 PM
Oracle Applications Currency Standards

1.1.    Formatting Currencies

Ensure that each report that shows monetary amounts indicates the currency or currencies associated with those monetary amounts.

1.1.1.     Currency Codes

Indicate currency in a report using currency codes. Do not display currency symbols on your report. Instead, use the three-character ISO currency code (Short Name in the Define Currencies form) to indicate a currency for monetary amounts.

1.1.2.     Single-Currency Reports

If each monetary amount in a report is expressed in the same currency, append the currency code (in parentheses) to the report subtitle.
Payroll Expense Summary
          May 1991 (USD)
If a report has no other subtitle, display the currency code alone.
Receipt Batch Control Report

1.1.3.     Currency Scaling Factor

If a single currency report scales the monetary amounts (such as showing amounts expressed in thousands of dollars), show the scaling factor after the currency code as follows:
Payroll Expense Summary
  May 1991 (USD 000s)

1.1.4.     Multiple Currency Reports

If your report shows monetary amounts expressed in two or more currencies, you need to indicate the currency code for each column or for each value. Do not try to list currencies in the subtitle of your report.
If you show a monetary amount in a labeled field, display the amount followed by a space, then by the three character currency code.
Total Expected Revenue:  9,999,999,999.99 USD
If you show monetary amounts in a column format report, where each column is expressed in a single currency, put the three character currency code in the column heading (along with the scaling factor, if any).
Ending Balance (YEN 000s)      Ending Balance (USD)
                                                      -----------------------------  -----------------------
                                1,300                        2,050.00
If a column displays monetary amounts in two or more currencies, show the three character currency code following each value. Align currency codes such that there is one space to the right of the amount with the greatest precision. Widen the column by four characters and extend the dashed line accordingly to allow space for the currency code. Since this code is the ISO standard and will not change length with translation, there is no need to allow additional space beyond the four characters.
Align amounts shown in multiple currencies at the actual or implied radix point. Even though they are not to be totaled or read together as like values, it is still easier to distinguish each value as a whole or decimal number if they are aligned in this way.
Unlike amounts which are representing the same scale or currency and are padded with zeros to their precision, do not pad dissimilar amounts such as these with zeros.
Invoice Number       Invoice Amount
                                                      ---------------  ------------------
                                                       A123                999,999.22     USD
                                                       A234                        101.21    NZD
                                                       A300                      1243.550  DNR
                                                       A345                   14,133.75    UKS
                                                       A678                     4,355         DNR

1.2.    Non-Currency Formatting

1.2.1.     Unit of Measure

Show the unit of measure for each quantity field in your report (unless the unit of measure is obvious).
If an entire column uses the same unit of measure, include the unit of measure in the column heading. If the quantity formats include a radix, then align the radix in the column and pad the quantities with zeroes.
        Supplier           Quantity (DZ)
                                                            -----------------  -------------
                                                              Acme Eggs                 300
                                                              Heavenly Hens          150
If a column contains values expressed in several units of measures, provide a unit column immediately to the right of the amount column and include that column under the quantity heading in the same manner as currencies are expressed with each amount. If any of the quantity formats includes a radix, then align the radix characters in the column, but do not pad the values with zeroes.
        Item                     Quantity
        --------------  -----------------
        G21100232                 1  DZ

        G22100233                 2  EACH
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