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March 15, 2016

3/15/2016 10:28:00 AM

ebiztechnics Oracle HCM questions
1.  What is the name of the top Organization in Oracle HRMS, which serves as a container for all other organizations?

            (a)   Government Reporting Entity
(b)  Organization
(c)    Business Group
(d)  Top Unit

 2.  Mark all key flexfields that are required to define a business group:

           (a)   Positions, Job and Grade
(b)  Competence Flexfield
(c)    Personal Analysis Flexfield
(d)  Cost Allocation and People Group Flexfield

3.  Which of the following functions in any HRMS Manager responsibility is used to link Extra Person Information (Person EIT) with the responsibility? 

           (a)   Information Type Security
(b)  Register Extra Information Type
(c)    Special Information Type

 4.  Which of the following key flexfield component can be used to decide the level at which values for a particular segment can be entered for cost allocation key flexfield?

(a)   Value Sets
(b)  Qualifiers
(c)    Profiles
(d)  Security   

5.  The underlying structure of Extra Information Type is similar to:

           (a)   Key Flexfield
(b)  Special Information Type
(c)    Descriptive Flexfield
(d)  None of the answers is correct.

6.  Key Flexfield is context sensitive.

           (a)   True
(b)  False
7.  Which of the following system profiles need to be set at the responsibility level to view all employees of a business group.

(a)   HR:Security Profile
(b)  HR:Business Group
(c)    HR: User Type
(d)  All answers are correct.

8.  SITs can be configured for which of the following entities?

            (a)   People
(b)  Jobs
(c)    Grades
(d)  Address
(e)   Positions

 9.  Oracle HRMS does not store Start Date and End Date with Extra Information Type record.

            (a)   True
(b)  False

 10.      Organization needs to be classified as ______ to deploy people in it.

            (a)   Business Group
(b)  HR Organization
(c)    GRE / Legal Entity
(d)  Employer
11.      Which of the following screens are date tracked in Oracle HRMS?

(a)   People
(b)  Assignment
(c)    Jobs
(d)  Grades
(e)   Positions

12.      Which of the following work structure components are preferred to be implemented, if role is independent of employee?

            (a)   Jobs
(b)  Positions
(c)    Jobs and Positions
(d)  None of the answers  is correct.

13.      FTE stands for:

            (a)   Free Time Equivalent
(b)  Full Time Equivalent
(c)    Future Time Equivalent
(d)  None of the above

14.      If a single position needs to be attached to multiple persons irrespective of FTE rule, what type of position would it be?

             (a)   Shared
(b)  Single Incumbent
(c)    Pooled
(d)  None of the above

15.      Grades help enterprise to _____________________ :

            (a)   Represent relative level of seniority in the organization
(b)  Determine pay rates within the organization
(c)    Establish different types of employees within the organization
(d)  a & b

16.      Apart from Job, Position, Grade and Payroll, ______ can also be configured to define further groups of employees.

(a)   Person Analysis Criteria
(b)  People Group
(c)    a and b
(d)  None of the above

17.      Which action needs to be selected to hire a contingent worker in Oracle HRMS?

(a)   Create Placement
(b)  Create Employment
(c)    Create Applicant
(d)  Hire Applicant

18.  “People Enter and Maintain” window in Oracle HRMS is a datetrack window.

(a)   True
(b)  False

19.      Which of the following datetrack mode needs to be selected to keep the history of all changes?

(a)   Correction
(b)  Replace All
(c)    Purge
(d)  Update

20.      Which action needs to be selected to hire an Applicant as Employee within the organization?

(a)   Create Placement
(b)  Create Employment
(c)    Create Applicant
(d)  Hire Applicant

21.      In “People Enter and Maintain” window, “Create Other” action is used to create which of the following categories of people?

(a)   Applicant
(b)  Employee
(c)    Candidate
(d)  Contingent Worker

22.      At a given point of time, employee can have ___ primary assignment(s).

(a)   Two
(b)  Three
(c)    Four
(d)  None of the above
23.      In “People Enter and Maintain” window, which option needs to be selected to end services of contingent worker?

(a)   End Application
(b)  End Employment
(c)    End Placement
(d)  End Others

24.      Leaving Reasons can be specified in _________ lookup.

(c)    TERM_REAS

25.      In the termination cycle, the person type changes to Ex-employee from Employee effective from _________________________.

(a)   Notified termination date
(b)  Projected termination date
(c)    Last Standard Process date
(d)  Actual termination date
(e)   Final Process Date

26.      Global deployment can be used for _________________:

(a)   Transferring an employee from one organization to other organization within the same business group
(b)  Transferring an employee from one business group to other business group
(c)    Transferring an employee from one organization to other business group
(d)  b and c

27.      Which of the following correctly represents the sequence for global deployment for secondment?

(a)   Release Information, Deployment Proposal, Initiate Deployment, Initiate return
(b)  Release Information, Initiate Deployment, Deployment Proposal, Initiate return
(c)    Deployment Proposal, Release Information, Initiate Deployment, Initiate return
(d)  Initiate Deployment, Deployment Proposal, Release Information, Initiate return

28.      What types of transfers are supported in Global deployment?

(a)   Permanent
(b)  Temporary
(c)    a and b
(d)  None of the above

29.      Secondment results in termination of employment in source business group.

(a)   True
(b)  False

30.      All valid deployment reasons can be maintained using _________ lookup.


 31.      To define a new checklist for new hire, person change needs to be defined on which of the following table to trigger new hire life event?

(a)   Per_All_People_F
(b)  Per_All_Assignments_F
(c)    Per_Person_Type_Usages_F
(d)   None of the above

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