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March 30, 2016

3/30/2016 06:15:00 PM

Generating the trace files

The trace file helps us in finding the various queries executed while doing certain activities. The complex queries written for selecting, inserting, updating & deleting the data from table are fetched by using Tkprof (Tool Kit for Professional) utility.

 For this login with userid/pwd to Oracle Apps. Go to your responsibility.

 Get the Version Database Id using the navigation:

Helpà About Oracle Applications. Following Screen will appear.

Use the navigation Help à Diagnostic à Trace.

Click on the trace. A small frame pops up asking user to enter the oracle password.
Enter the password; this will enable the trace on.
Now perform the activities in sequence to complete your activity.

Again go to Help à Diagnostic à Trace. Click on the trace, which disables the trace.

 $ Tkprof ora_15473.trc text,txt

 This will generate the trace file for the activity performed by user. The trace file generated here will also contain some system sql commands. To disable those system sql commands in your trace file just write sys=no after the destination txt file.
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