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March 18, 2016

3/18/2016 02:23:00 PM

Oracle Applications Accounts Payable Invoice Type
Invoice Types:

1. Standard Invoice: For supplier Standard payment will select this standard invoice,
where we are going to create invoice with supplier name and supplier site name.

2. Credit Memo and Debit Memo: Both will come under negative amount.
Credit Memo will be created if supplier is giving discount.
Debit Memo will be created when buyer is going to deduct the amount.

3. Pre Payment Type: whenever suppler required advance payment that time we will
select prepayment amount.

4. PO Default: we will give the PO Number as per the PO amount invoice will be

5. Quick Match Invoice : we will match the invoice either with PO or invoice with
receipt, as the matching payments will be done.

6. Expense Reports: for employee expenses we will select the invoice type as
expense reports.

7. Recurring Invoices: for fixed amount and fixed duration, we will select recurring
invoices. Like rent accounts and so on.

8. Mixed Type Invoice: for company miscellaneous expenses we will create mixed

9. With Holding Tax: if suppler is not registered suppler on behalf of suppler,
company will make the income tax to the government. 
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