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March 5, 2016

3/05/2016 06:36:00 AM

1) Purchase Orders :  It is one of the purchasing document at the time of purchasing from the supplier we will create this document by specifying terms and conditions and shipping details distribution details and so on.  We have 4 types of Purchase Orders

a. Standard
b. Planned
c. Blanket
d. Contract

Purchase Order Types Summery

Standard Purchase Order

When we require the materials from suppliers we will cerate standard PO by specifying terms and conditions price, quantity and so on.

Select * from PO_HEADERS_ALL
where segment1=’3445’ and type_lookup_id = ‘STANDARD’

Select * from Po_lines_all where PO_Header_id = 11858

Select * from PO_Line_locations_all where Po_line_id=12216

Select * from po_distributions_all where line_location_id

(N) – Open the purchase order form – Purchase Orders-Purchase Orders and enter select PO type and suppliers information enter the line level details like Items quantity price and so on.
Select shipments button enter shipping location details quantity promice date, need by date and so on select distribution button enter distribution details and save the transactions.
Select approve button system will submit the document for approvals.
Copy the PO number and go to purchase or summary form enter PO number select find button.
To cancel the purchase order go the tools menu – control option.
Tools menu copy document to create the same document.
Auto Create
By using Auto Create option we can create purchase orders automatically from approved requisition by selecting document type as Purchase order.

    SELECT   pha.segment1 ponum,
           pha.type_lookup_code potype,
           TRUNC (pha.creation_date) cdate,
           pv.vendor_name supplier,
           pvs.vendor_site_code suppliersite,
           (pvc.first_name || ',' || pvc.last_name) contact,
           hl1.location_code shipto,
           hl2.location_code billto,
           pha.currency_code currency,
           ppf.full_name buyer,
           pha.authorization_status postatus,
           SUM ( (pla.quantity * pla.unit_price)) linelevelprice,
           pha.comments podesc
    FROM   po_headers_all pha,
           ap_suppliers pv,
           ap_supplier_sites_all pvs,
           ap_supplier_contacts pvc,
           hr_locations hl1,
           hr_locations hl2,
           per_all_people_f ppf,
           po_lines_all pla
   WHERE       pha.segment1 = '3449'
           AND pha.vendor_id = pv.vendor_id
           AND pha.vendor_site_id = pvs.vendor_site_id
           AND pha.vendor_contact_id = pvc.vendor_contact_id
           AND pha.ship_to_location_id = hl1.location_id
           AND pha.bill_to_location_id = hl2.location_id
           AND pha.agent_id = ppf.person_id
           AND pha.po_header_id = pla.po_header_id
GROUP BY   pha.segment1,
           TRUNC (pha.creation_date),
           (pvc.first_name || ',' || pvc.last_name),

Blanket Purchase Order

When ever company would like to have the agreement with supplier that time first we will create Blanket Agreement, when ever we require materials we will go for releasing the purchase orders.
Open the purchase order form select Blanket Purchase agreement and enter the details and approve the purchase order.
Select releases form either blanket PO Number and Item quantity details select distributions button enter distribution details, select approve button for approvals.

Match Approval

2 way PO Qty – 100 Invoice Qty 80
3 way PO Qty – 100 Receipt Qty 80 Invoice Qty 80
4 way PO Qty – 100 Receipt Qty 80 Invoice Qty 50 Invoice Qty 50

At the time of creation Purchase Order in the shipments, release we will specify the Match approval option.
Two way matching is nothing but company purchase order quantity, price with Invoice price.
Three way matching is nothing but comparing 3 documents Purchase Order, Receipt and Invoice.
Four ways Matching is nothing but company PO receipt inspection and Invoice documents.

Receipt Documents

1. Standard - 3 Way
2. Direct Delivery -                2 way
3. Inspection Required - 4 way

It is one of the purchasing document will be created while receiving the materials form the suppliers we have 3 types of receipt.
Navigation – Receiving – Receipts and enter.
Create the purchase order and approve it open the receipts from enter PO Number, select find button, system will show the PO Line details, check the check box save to transactions, system write automatically generate Receipt number





Create PO write 3 lines
Go to receipt – generate the receipt for only one Item and either the PO Number again – create another receipt until all the Items over.

Select     Receipt_Num
From    RCV_shippment_headers
Where    shipment_header_id IN (Select shipment_header_id
                    From  rcv_shpment_lines
                    Where PO_header_id IN( Select Po_Header_ID
                                From PO_heaer_all
                                Where segment1=’3452’))
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