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March 3, 2016

3/03/2016 09:10:00 AM
Basic Setups to create a Purchase orders

1. Items Creation
2. Suppliers creation
3. Buyer creation  

1) Item Creation 

a. Open the user from in System Administrator Responsibility attach the responsibility called
Inventory Vision Operations(USA)
b. Open the Items from   -   Items – Master Item – enter, system will show the organization list,

select the organization vision operations, enter the item name and description.
c. Go to Inventory tab check the check box called Inventory Item.
d. Go to purchasing tab check the check box called purchased and save the transactions.
e. We can assign the item to the multiple organization by selecting tool menu – Organization assignment option check the check box called assigned.

Select * from ORG_ORGANIZATION_ DEFINETIONS    - Organizatio_ID is primary key column
Select * from MTL_SYSTEM_ITEM_S   Where sgment1=’Keyboad’    -

Inventory_item_ID   -    - Organizatin_ID         -  Composite Primary Key

select  msi.segment item  ood.organization_name from mtl_system_item_b  msi
      org_organization_definetions ood
      where msi.organization_id   =   ood.organization_id
      and msi.segment1  =   'KEYBOARD'

2) Supplier Creation 
 a    Switch to responsibility  Purchasing, Vision Operations(USA)

 b. Open the suppliers form  -  Supply Base – Suppliers press enter
 c. Enter the suppliers name and save the transaction and we will get supplier number select status button enter site address select contact tab – enter contact details and save
  FROM   ap_suppliers
 WHERE   SEGMENT1 = '5080'   - VENDOR_ID – Primary Key

  FROM   ap_supplier_sites_all
 WHERE   VENDOR_ID = '1010' - VENDOR_SITE_ID – Primary Key

  FROM   ap_supplier_CONTACTS
 WHERE   vendor_site_id = ‘2215’   - VENDOR_CONTACT_ID – Primary Key

3) Buyer Creation: 

 a. Attach the Responsibility called HRMS Management; Open the Employee form
     (N) HRMS Manager – People – Enter and Maintain.
 b. Select new button enter employee name and Date of Birth, select action as creation employment chose the option called buyer and save the transaction.
  FROM   per_all_people_f
 WHERE   employee_number = ‘893’

PERSON_ID is Primary Key column
c. Go to system administrator create user name attach employee name in the filed called Person and save the transaction.

select   fu.user_name, ppf.full_name
  from   fnd_user fu, per_all_people_f ppf
 where   fu.user_name = '20USER' and fu.employee_id = ppf.person_id

Copy the employee name go to purchasing application open the Buyers form attach to the Buyers list  -

Setup – Personnel – Buyers and enter.
Select * from PO_AGENTS

This contains only Buyer list and primary key is AGENT_ID

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