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March 10, 2016

3/10/2016 05:13:00 PM
AutoLockBox is a service that commercial banks offer corporate customers to enable them to outsource their accounts receivable payment processing.

Auto Lock Box eliminates manual data entry by automatically processing receipts that are sent directly to the bank.

AutoLockBox can also be used to for historical data conversion. It can be used to transfer receipts from previous accounting system into Receivables.

AutoLock Box is a three step process
·         Import : Data from the bank file format is read into the Autolockbox tables.
·         Validation : The data is check for compatibility with receivables and then the data is transferred to Quick Cash tables. At this point the receipts can be viewed and corrected if needed before they are sent for final posting in the Post Cash
·         Post Quick Cash : The receipts are applied to either customer accounts or to invoices and the customer balances are updated

Oracle AR AutoLock Box1

Oracle AR AutoLock Box

Post QuickCash Transfers data in the following tables


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