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January 24, 2016

1/24/2016 03:47:00 PM
Value Set: Value set is nothing but list of values with validations which will be
used to to restrict the user without entering the invalid data in the Parameters

we will use value sets in two locations.
1)Concurrent Progam parameters
We are not providing any LOV, we can apply some format conditions as per that
conditions user should enter the data

Notes: 1)Once we create the Value set we can not Delete if we would like to delete
         we have to release the value set from the all the concurrent program
      parameters then only we can delete.
  2)Value set name is case sensitive
  3)Once we create Value set we can use for multiple Program parameters.

System administrator => Application=>Validation=>set=>
Enter value set name
   format type
   max size
Select validation type = "None" to create None type of Value sets.


When we would like to provide list of values to the user then we will go for selection
of Independent value set.where we will provide LOV.
User must select the Value from the list otherwise values are not accepted.

Open the Value set form create value set by selecting the validation type=Independnent
Go to Values screen enter the value set name , Select Find Buttion
enter the values whatever we would like to display as LOV.
attach the value set to the Parameter.

Note:1)Once we enter the values we can not delete instead of that we can disable by
      selecting the Enabled check box
or Effective Dates.
Dependent value Set:
This is another LOV which will be used to displays the
list of values which are depending on the previous parameter value.

Before going to create Dependent first we have to create Independent
then we have to create Dependent

First parameter will be Independent
Second parameter will be Dependent.

Note:Without Independent we can not create Dependent Value set.

Country IND
City   Banglore Chennai Delhi Mumbai  Pune
       Chikago  California      Anderson
       London   Hungrant

1)We have to create Independent value set and enter the values.
2)Create Dependent value set attach independent and then enter values.

Job  Manager

Position   Delivery Manager   Project manager Financce manager
  Software Developer Test Developer
  Trainee  Fresher
1)Open the Value set form create Value set by selecting the validation type =Independent
2)Open the Values screen enter the VAlues .
3)Open the value set form enter Dependent value set by select validation type=Dependent
 Select the Button called Edit Information button enter the Independent value set
4)open the values form  enter the Dependent value set=>Find
  enter the values based on the Independent values.

Table Value set :

Table value set will be used to displays the list of values from the
oracle apps base tables.
we have to give the table name and column name which will automatically
displays the values.

Note: If values are not stored in the database table then we have to
      go for Independent  value set.
      If values are there in the table then we will create table value

1.Open the value set form Select  validation type as table select the
   button called Edit Information enter table name and column name
   in the value field
2.Use where/Order By clause to implement Where/Order By clause.
3.Use Additional Columns field to displays extra columns for reference
4.Use the ID column to pass the ineternally other columns data
  for ex displaying username to the user and pass userID internally.
5.If multiple tables are required then enter the table names in the
  table name field with alias name and enter the Join Condition in the
  Where clause field.

6.If we know the table name we can find the Table application name from
  Application Developer responsibility
Application Developer => Application => Database => table
Query the records based on the table Name.

Note: If we are displaying additional Columns we are suppose to give the Alias Name

Translated Independent and Translated Dependent:
Both  value sets will work like Independent and Dependent value sets
will be used to displays the transalation values which will be enabled
if there is multilanguage implementation.

Special and Pair:
Both Value sets will be used to displays the Flexfield data as LOV to
the User.

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