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March 19, 2016

3/19/2016 06:08:00 PM
                                                          Bill Of Material

1) Defining Resource
ReResources are anything— except component material used to manufacture, cost, or schedule products.
TABLES ARE     :--BOM_RESOURCE   ( col:   resource_id)
         We Define Resource by mentioning Resource type,Charge type and UOM  and if it an OSP resource we need mention the costs associated with it.

2) Defining Department
Department :A department is an area within your organization that consists of one or more people, machines
After defining the resource we have to assign that resource to the department.
 TABLES ARE:---             BOM_DEPARTMENTS (col: department_id)


3) Defining Routing
Sequence of operations performed from Raw material to finished product.
In this routing we'll specify the Item,Operation sequence,Effectivity dates and count point,autocharge and backflush details.

     A routing defines the step–by–step operations you perform to manufacture a product.
     Each routing can have any number of operations.
     Routings are used to specify the processes that are used to manufacture discrete and repetitive
assembly items
     A primary routing is the list of operations most frequently performed to build a product.
     When you define a new primary routing, you specify only the item (no alternate name) and you
 can assign a routing revision.
     You can define one primary routing and many alternate routings for an item.
     For each routing, define the operations, the sequence to perform them, and the resources
 required at each operation. You can define either a primary or an alternate routing
     You must define at least one department before you  create a routing
     BOM Allowed must be set to Yes for the item you are creating a routing
     You assign department resources to an operation.

BiBill of Material -->Routings -->Routings

  BOM_ROUTING_SEQUENCE              (col: routing_sequence_id)
  BOM_OPERATIONAL_SEQUENCE  (col:operation_sequence_id)

  BOM_OPERATION_ROUTINGS        (col: routing_sequence_id)
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