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March 21, 2016

3/21/2016 09:31:00 AM

Creation of Discrete job :
we will define the discrete job by mentioning the Type of discrete job,Status,Quantity and completion date

        Work In Process -->Discrete Jobs

Move transactions
You can move operations within operations and between operations (inter operation moves)
We can also complete and return assemblies from and to jobs and schedules using move transactions
They automatically updated completed quantities charge resources and overheads and backflush pull components.

           Work In Process-->Move Transactions -->Move Transactions

Material transactions
Material transaction is done for a particular job bye specifying the transaction type and material transaction details like Subinventory , Department and Quantity.


       Work In Process -->Material Transactions -->WIP Material Transactions

Completion transactions
Completion transaction is done for a particular job by specifying the completion Subinventory.

        Work In Process -->Material Transactions -->Completion Transactions

Closing jobs
Closing the discrete jobs after completing all the operations using  to charge appropriate valuation and variation accounts.

         Work In Process --> Close Discrete Jobs-->Close Discrete Jobs( Form)

SET UP :  3 steps are mandatory
1WIP parameters-
2WIP profile options
3WIP Accounting classes

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