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March 3, 2016

3/03/2016 10:55:00 AM

Oracle buys Ravello

Ravello will join in Oracle’s IaaS (Infrastructure as Service) mission to allow customers to run any type of workload in the cloud, accelerating Oracle’s ability to help customers quickly and simply move complex applications to the cloud without costly and time-consuming application rewrites,” Ravello co founder and chief executive Rami Tamir wrote in a letter about the deal.

Ravello and Hybrid Clouds

  • Public and Private Cloud Provisioning Ravello was able to provision networking and VMS in AWS public cloud.
  • IaaS provisioning Able to provision IaaS virtual machines from existing images. Also able to import VMs and migrate VMs. This was done using nested VMs.
  • Networking Overlay a full function network overlay to isolate the IaaS away from the underlying cloud infrastructure.
  • Operational Interface more important, Ravello had an interface that makes sense to an enterprise-centric engineer.

Why Oracle bought Ravello
Oracle is sort of late to the cloud wars. While it has been focusing on rolling out cloud versions of its popular business apps (finance, human resources, sales automation and the like) it has only recently got into a head-to-head battle with market leader Amazon.
In the meantime, Amazon has a huge head start, with a growing number of companies (including tech companies like Intuit, Netflix, Juniper), literally closing all of their data centers and using Amazon's cloud instead. Oracle is a big loser in a scenario like that, since Oracle sells computer hardware for data centers as well as the software.

It needs its own cloud, and it needs to make it stand out from the competition, if it hopes to stop companies from going all-in on Amazon.

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