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April 5, 2016

4/05/2016 04:49:00 PM
 To display a checkbox in BI Publisher PDF reports, test the following steps in a development environment and migrate accordingly.
The following steps are provided in the Report's Designer Guide for BI Publisher (Section: 4.9.8 Inserting Check Boxes):
To define a check box in the template:
1. Position the cursor in the template where you want the check box to display, and select the Check Box Form Field from the Forms tool bar.
2. Right-click the field to open the Check Box Form Field Options dialog.
3. Specify the Default value as either Checked or Not Checked.
4. In the Form Field Help Text dialog, enter the criteria for how the box should behave. This must be a boolean expression (that is, one that returns a true or false result).
For example, suppose the XML data contains an element called <population>. You want the check box to appear checked if the value of <population> is greater than
10,000. Enter the following in the help text field: <?population>10000?>

In addition to above steps provided in the document, need to configure the following report properties.
5.  Select Wingdings font for the check box in RTF template and save.
6.  Copy wingding.ttf font file to server location FMW_HOME//Oracle_BI1/common/fonts location
7.  Edit the report > Properties > Font Mapping > create a new font mapping by clicking the '+' symbol and fill the following details.  
  Font Family: Wingdings
  Style: Normal
  Weight: Normal
  Target Font Type: Truetype
  Target Font: wingding.ttf
  Click OK.

8.  In the same properties page, navigate to 'Formatting' tab.   Scroll down to 'RTF Template' section.  Set Wingdings;168;168 for  'Characters used for checkbox' property.
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