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April 29, 2016

4/29/2016 02:32:00 PM
  1. development?
Custom development is new development, In order to provide new functionality , which is not available in Oracle Application, we are going for custom development.
  1. What is customization?
Customization is not a new development. The existing form will be modified as per our requirement. This may be cosmetic change or navigation change or functionality change.
  1. Compare Custom development & customization. When they are used and Why?
Custom development.
a.       New development
b.      Template form has to use
c.       The required functionality is not provided by oracle in that case we have to go for custom development.
a.       Tailoring the existing application
b.      Same source file has to use
c.       The existing functionality is not fully satisfy our requirement,  Then we are going for customization.
  1. What are step you have to follow to register a custom application?
1.      Register your Application
2.      Create directory structure
3.      Set the Environment variable for directory
4.      Create the schema
5.       Attach your application & Schema with standard data group
6.      Create the table, views, and trigger in your schema.
7.      Create synonym for table to APPS schema
8.      Built the form
9.      Register the form
10.  Create form function
11.  Create the menu
12.  Attach the menu to the responsibility
13.  Attach the responsibility to the user
  1. How do you find out the FMB name?
Select menu bar Help menu of the form, then select About Oracle Application menu, that will show the FMB of the form.
  1. Name the directory having the FORMS source codes ( FMB files ) ?
AU_TOP forms directory.
  1. What is template form?
Template form is a form, which have standard functionality of the oracle application, like menu bar, tool bar action and some standard trigger. All forms in oracle application will be developed using this form, To get standard appearance oracle application provide this form.

  1. What are step you have to follow to register a Form?
    1. Create the function.
    2. Attach the function to a form function
    3. Attach the form function to menu.
  2. What is a Form function?
Form function is nothing but form. Oracle Apps treats all the forms as function.
  1. What is Form sub function?
Sub function is a non-form function. Sub function will created based on form function. By using this we can restrict functionality of the form.
  1. How the form sub function is implemented?
By using parameter and profiles.
  1. What is folder form?
Folder form is a special form, here the user allow changing the appearance of the form as he/she like. The user can rearrange the fields, resize the fields. This changes will be permanent belongs to the user.
  1. Name the directories where you have to copy your Fmb and Fmx files?
All FMB files will be coped in AU_TOP form directory. FMX will be copied to corresponding Prod_Top form directory.
 e.x   all GL forms fmx will be coped in GL_Top form directory.
  1. Why we have to maintain the file names in Capital Letter? ( Library/FMB)
Some of operation system will have case sensitivity, those OS may not able to get the correct file, for avoiding case sensitivity problem we have to maintain the file name in UPPER case.
  1. What is naming convention for Data base trigger?
Tablename_Ti.  ( “i” = 1,2,3…..)
  1. What is naming convention for unique Constraint?
Tablename_Ui   (“i” = 1,2,3….)
  1. What is naming convention for Primary Constraint?
  1. Can we put all the logic in the trigger?
No, Create a package, put all the logic in package. Call the package from the trigger.
  1. What is item handler package?
Item handler package is a package. This package will take care of the item validation, navigation. Each block can have one package with the name of block name.
  1. What is event handler package?
Event handler package is a package. This package will take care of the various event of the form, like post query, pre query, when new record instance etc. Each form has event handler package with the name of form name.
  1. What is table handler package?
Table handler package is a package. This package will take care of the insert, update and delete operation of view-based block. Each form can have one package with the name of form name.
  1. What are the standard libraries available in template form?
  1. What is who column and how can you set the values?
Who columns are database columns, which gives the history of the record. ( it will gives created user name with date and last modified user name with date of the record).
By using fnd_standard.set_who procedure we can set the value.
  1. What is use of custom library?
By using this library we have to do cosmetic and navigation change in form customization.
  1. How can you change the default menu bar action?
By using APPCORE library
  1.  What is use of APPDAYPK library?
By using this library you can change the functionality of menu action and tool bar actions, and you can add custom help files in the application.
  1. What is a reference trigger?  Can we modify a reference trigger?
Reference trigger is a trigger, definition of the trigger will be in some other file.

We can, But Oracle Application advise against modifying the reference trigger. Because this change will affect the whole application.
  1. Why we have to create packages instead of procedure / function?
If we create procedure/function, this will be compiled every call of the procedure/function, But if you create package it will not complied every call, It will increase performance of the application.
  1. Can you comment your form? How?

    1. You can give comment of the from in Form module “comment window”.
    2. By using FND_Standard.Form_info procedure you can comment your form, this is in Pre_Form trigger.
  1. Which form objects we should not use?
1.      Activex, Vbx, Ocx, Ole
2.      Timer
3.      Mouse Trigger
4.      Open_Form
5.      Combo Box
6.      Test_io, Host built-in
  1. What is use of APPDAYPK library?
By using this library you can display calendar window in date field LOV.
  1. What is use of FNDSQF library?
This library will tack care of concurrent program, profile options and flex filed behavior.
  1. Can we change the profile value? How?
By using FNDSQF library we can change the profile values.
  1. Shall we modify all the triggers?
No, we should not do any modification in certain form level trigger.
  1. What are the triggers we should not modify?
1.      Close_this_window.
2.      Close_window
3.      Export
4.      Folder_Action
5.      Key-Commit
6.      Key-Edit
7.      Key-Exit
8.      Key-Help
9.      Lastrecord
10.  Menu_to­_Appcore
11.  Standard_Attachment
12.  When_window_closed
13.  When_form_navigate
14.  Zoom
  1. Shall we delete exiting triggers?
We should not delete any form level trigger. But Oracle application not encouraging deletion of any trigger.

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