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April 24, 2016

4/24/2016 07:06:00 PM

Oracle APPS :Order management Issues

When performing the Ship Confirm "Error: Some deliveries selected for Ship Confirm have errors or warnings."


You should first check if the Order is in correct status and neither the
Order not the Order Lines are On Hold.

After this, try to see if the items or the quantity to be shipped are lying
in the correct sub Inventory/Locator or simply the correct location or not.
Generally, the Shippable items must be in the Shipping Location primarily
defined for Shipping only.

If your Organization is WMS enabled, then Please check the Lots and LPNs of
this Shipment must be in the same location i.e sometimes in the Back End
tables, the Lots are in different location/subinventory and LPNs are in

Also, be sure that there are no Exceptions on the Delivery.

2) Please help me on this.
 created an SO with 1 line.
Release the SO and Shipping transaction the 1 line SO become 2 lines. 1 is Shipped (Status) and the second is Ready to Release (Status).

How can I process the 2nd line so I can proceed to Invoice?

Try click on actions, then split line. Add the quantity you want to pick
then click go. You can now pick release and ship confirm.

3)How can the same hold source id be applied to multiple orders?
Ans) We can create Hold source based on customer / item or other fields of the order which creates a blanket hold source of that criteria and applied hold for any number of orders that satify the hold source criteria.
All those order / lines will have the same hold source ID.

Exanple: Create a hold source with the criteria as ITEM1 to apply HOLD1. System checks all the open lines for that ITEM1 and applied HOLD1 for all those lines.

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