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April 3, 2016

4/03/2016 06:24:00 AM

In R12, On the Supplier Screen (query for a supplier--> Click on update supplier---> Invoice Management)
Here we have a section called Invoice Payment Terms. Usually we have site level payment terms for all transactions.
But what is the purpose/significance for the Header level payment terms.

This defaults at all sites you create for this supplier.
This is useful when you have multiple OUs with centralized purchasing with or without global purchase agreements.

So you have an agreed term with the vendor which you assign at header which will default at every site you create for the same with an option to override.


Please provide standard solution for cancellation of Requisition for below 2 cases.

1. Requisition should be cancelled only by the Requestor/Supervisor.
2. Requisition should be cancelled only by Purchasing Super User.

Check for answer tomorrow's Blog post

3 Way POs are in CLOSED FOR INVOICE state but not FINALLY CLOSED automatically. Expected these POs to be FINALLY CLOSED automatically,
what might be the reason for this?

Oracle Payables finally closes purchase order shipments under certain
conditions. When you enter an invoice and match it to one or more purchase
order shipments, you can indicate that it is a final match.
Oracle Payables automatically marks for closure the purchase order shipments to which you
final match. When you approve the invoice using Auto Approval, Auto Approval
calls the final close process in Oracle Purchasing.
The purchase order
close process creates reversing entries (credit entries) for all
outstanding encumbrances associated with the purchase order distributions
on the shipment. The purchase order close process also updates the closed
status of the purchase order.

4)Is there any seeded report in which we can get the information about GRN wise balance in oracle apps? 

For expense purchases which are accrued at month-end, use the Uninvoiced Receipts Report with the Period-End Receipt Accruals Program. 
For inventory, WIP (shop floor) and expenses which are accrued at time of receipt, use the A/P Accrual Reconciliation programs and reports, Accrual Reconciliation Load, Summary Accrual Reconciliation Report, AP and PO Accrual Reconciliation Report and the Miscellaneous Accrual Reconciliation Report

Can we apply hold in Ship-confirm?

You may get this 
 message appears "Warning: The Ship Confirm option selected will 
unassigned all the lines from delivery xxxxxx " 

Impact:- We have to once again create delivery , remove hold and then ship 

Is there any way that hold gets applied during ship confirm and system will 
not delete delivery details? 

If you want to delivery away from ship confirm , then you can apply 
exceptions on delivery instead of hold , so that it will not get ship 
confirm and not do in una singing delivery details lines from delivery also. 

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