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April 29, 2016

4/29/2016 08:55:00 PM
The OM:Item Validation Organization profile option specifies the  
inventory organization that Order Management uses to validate items. 
Some inventory item attributes for Receivables and Order  Management, including Tax Code and Sales Account, are specific to an  operating unit or an accounting flexfield structure. Therefore, you  should define an item validation organization for each operating unit. 

The OM: Item Validation Organization profile s to be 
set in in Order Management-Setup-System Parameters. 

It is to be set for each operating unit. It means you 
are instructing the system about the item validation 
inventory organization. ie in which inventory org, OM 
related items are validated. or available 

While entering Sales Orders, Order Management validates if the item is orderable in the organization specified as Item Validation Organization. It does not validate against the organization / warehouse specified on Sales Order.

Only items that have "Customer Orders Enabled" item attribute set to Yes in Item Validation Organization will appear in the item LOV on sales order line. 
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