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May 29, 2016

5/29/2016 05:10:00 PM

Is there a way to tell if a line item is a promotion good (PRG item). Any API or query?

You may join the table oe_order_lines_all and oe_price_adjustments with sales order line (LINE_ID).
In oe_price_adjustments, you will note that both these lines (Parent and Free Line) will have a common value for the field - LIST_HEADER_ID (which is the header id of the Promotional Modifier) where as the LIST_TYPE_LINE_CODE will be PRG for the Parent Line and DIS for the Free Line and list_line_number will be NULL for PRG Line.

How Is It Possible Restrict Price List By Customer In Sales Order? 

ou can have a specific price list for a customer by creating a qualifier on the price list for the specific customer.
Unfortunately, no, you cannot prohibit the price list for showing in the sales order for another customer.
a. Until the pricing engine is called...i.e. order line is saved or booked....the qualifiers will not be seen/reviewed.
b. Let me give example:
    price list = PRICELISTA, qualifier of customerA, with item = itemA
    In order header, enter sales order for customerB
    In price list field LOV, you will see PRICELISTA
    Enter an order line with itemA, price list = PRICELISTA (because it defaults from header for this example, defaulting steps provided below.)

A. Add the Price List to the Customer Setup

1. Responsibility: Order Management Super User (or equivalent)
2. Navigate to: Customers > Trading Community > Trading Community > Customer > Standard
3. Enter the Customer and click Find.
4. Place the cursor on the appropriate address.
5. Click OK.
6. Highlight the appropriate address shown
7. Click Open
8. Place cursor on record where Usage = 'Ship To'
9. Click Open
10. Click on the Order Management tab
11. Enter the price list. This is the price list that should default.
12. Save.
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