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May 27, 2016

5/27/2016 02:15:00 PM
List of Interface Tables:

This table must be populated with all Header details,along with the batch                        number.Header_interface_id is the primary key to all the other interface tables.
             This table must be populated with the line details,with proper header_interface_id .
Line_interface_id is the primary key.Populate the Header_interface_id from oks_headers_interface.
             This table should be populated with all covered level details.covered_level_interface_id is the primary key.Populate line_interface_id from the oks_lines_interface.
               This table must be populated with the counter details. Usage_counter_interface_id is the primary key for this table.Line_interface_id must be populated from oks_lines_interface.
                    This should be populated with the sales credit details.sales_credits_interface_id being the primary key.Header_interface_id should correspond to the oks_headers_interface
                      Populate this table with required notes information. Notes_interface_id is the primary key.The header_interface_id and line_interface_id should be populated corresponding to the header_interface_id of the oks_headers_interface table and line_interface_id from the oks_lines_interface.

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