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May 22, 2016

5/22/2016 09:07:00 AM
Movement of Data Plan the movement of data from an external system to Oracle Applications with a conversion project plan.
Develop a detailed conversion plan for each entity, listing all design, development, testing, and conversion tasks. Include resource, software, and hardware requirements to successfully convert each entity.
Design Conversion Process 
• Determine what data to convert (for example, convert only active data).
• Document business objectives(BR100,MD050)
• Specify time constraints for the conversion, especially for dynamic data.
• Determine the appropriate conversion method; do not overlook manual data entry.
• Perform data mapping(Most Important one)
• Install all hardware and software required for the conversion.
• Scope all coding efforts, including the cleanup of existing data, extract programs, translation programs, validation programs, and migrating programs.
• Determine the testing requirements.  

Develop Programs for Conversion 
• Write extract and import programs.
• Write scripts to create any interface or translation tables in Oracle RDBMS.
• Write validation, translation, and migration programs.
• Write verification scripts and reports(Test cases TE020)

 Perform Conversion
 • Clean up existing data before conversion.
• Extract and format data from original source.
• Create interface tables in Oracle RDBMS.
• Validate and translate data.
• Import validated data into production tables.
 • Run reports.

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