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May 24, 2016

5/24/2016 06:40:00 PM
1.Can you burst an order into multiple invoices based on line item or type?

INVENTORY_ITEM_ID is an Optional Grouping Attributes that can be used create multiple invoices.  So you could create a Grouping Rule that uses INVENTORY_ITEM_ID.

Once the Grouping Rule is in place you would have to add the Grouping Rule to one of the four hierarchical places it can be used at.  Then when the Grouping Rule is in place, invoices would be created when the INVENTORY_ITEM_ID matches.

2.After a sales order line is shipped, 2 interfaces are run.  What different functions do they perform?

Interface Trip Stop runs two individual interfaces.  One interfaces the shipped transaction to Order Management, so the Sales Order line can be progressed to Fulfilled, then Invoiced, then Closed.

The other interface is to Inventory.  This interface will decrements inventory totals (removes the finished goods from “the books”).

3.Credit Card Bank Account information passed from OM to AR as an attribute in interface table?  ie, if line level invoicing, Credit Card Number is populated for each line and then validated by Auto Invoice?

Credit Card information is not passed from OM to AR.  PAYMENT_TRXN_EXTENSION_ID is passed to the AR interface table (RA_INTERFACE_LINES) from OM in order for AutoInvoice to process a credit card transaction.

4. How can one set up the 3-way match i.e. delivery number or order number to be considered to create the invoice number?  How can one set this up?


  • Three way match is between the Delivery Number, Invoice Number and Advanced Ship Notice (DSNO).  
  • If OM: Invoice Numbering Method is set to Delivery, then the Delivery Number, Invoice Number and Advanced Ship Notice (DSNO) will have a three way match.
5.Difference between shipment and fullfillment line?
  •  Shipment is the Workflow status of when a line has been Shipped.  The Delivery of the Line has been closed.  Fulfillment is the Workflow status of when a line has been fulfilled.  

  • The Interface Trip Stop Concurrent Program has run the OM Interface, notifying Order Management that has been fulfilled.

6.How OM transaction type related to AR transaction type? What is the significance of both?

The Order Management Transaction Type has a field in the Accounts Receivable Transaction Type.  When AutoInvoice is run, Order Management passes the Accounts Receivable Transaction Type in the interface tables for AR to know what defaults to use for the transaction.

In both Transaction Type cases, they tell the owning application how to process the transaction(s).  They provide default information, Worklfow information, additional processing information, etc. 
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