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May 30, 2016

5/30/2016 04:21:00 PM
 What is the purpose/significance for the Header level payment terms.?

In R12, On the Supplier Screen (query for a supplier--> Click on update supplier---> Invoice Management)
Here we have a section called Invoice Payment Terms. Usually we have site level payment terms for all translations.

 This Invoice Payment Terms in Supplier Invoice Management will default the term when you create a new Supplier Site. If Supplier Site is null, it will come from the Payable Option.

The  payment terms for a supplier site default to the standard invoices you enter for the site, except in the following circumstances:
•For  PO Default or QuickMatch invoice in the Payments window, in which case the terms default from the purchase order.

The system populates the PO specified payment terms to the invoice if you specify the PO number in the invoice header level. If you do not specify the PO number,
even if you specify the PO number in the invoice line, the system uses the supplier site's payment terms. This usually happens when you have one invoice matching to multiple POs.

• For imported invoice record that has payment terms specified on the record, or the import process can derive terms from purchase order matching.

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