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May 7, 2016

5/07/2016 04:12:00 PM

Create Global Blanket Purchase Agreement (GBPA) with Outside Processing (OSP) Line Type:

With this release, Oracle Purchasing enables buyers to create global blanket purchase agreements (GBPA) with outside processing (OSP) line type. Buyers can now select the Outside Processing (OSP) line type when they create GBPAs using Buyer Work Center or Purchase Orders window. Prior to this release, only blanket purchase agreements supported outside processing line types.

Enable All Vendor Sites for Global Contract Purchase Agreements (GCPA) in Buyer Work Center (BWC)
Buyers can now enable global contract purchase agreements for all valid purchasing sites using the new Enable All Sites check box in the Controls tab of the Contract Purchase Agreement page.

Validate Standard Purchase Orders (PO) and Agreements in Buyer Work Center (BWC)
Oracle Purchasing provides a new Validate Document action in Buyer Work Center to help buyers verify standard purchase orders and agreements before submitting them for approval. This action performs validation checks and displays errors or warnings, but does not submit the document for approval. The Validate Document action is available to buyers when they update standard purchase orders and agreements

Changes in Business Rules of Cancel Action Functionality

Oracle Purchasing now provides the following changes in business rules of the Cancel action functionality:
When buyers cancel an approved document at the header level, Oracle Purchasing will no longer launch the Approval Workflow for Cancel actions (APPROVAL WF). The application creates the document's new revision, if the document is approved and maintains archived and action history indicating the cancel action. This information is communicated to suppliers.
Buyers can cancel purchasing documents (at any level: header, line, and shipment) that are at the Requires Reapproval status.
When a buyer cancels a purchasing document that has changes since its last revision, the application now displays a warning message, which clearly indicates changes, if any, in the Quantity, Amount, Price, Need By, and Promised Date fields. The application does not validate any other fields when performing the cancel action. Buyers can revert changes in specific fields and continue with the cancel action. Note: If there is a change in the listed attributes of only one shipment, then the warning indicates the changes done clearly. But, if changes are there to multiple shipments, then the warning is generic indicating that there are some pending changes to the document and buyers can ignore the changes if they want and continue with the transaction.
When invoice cancellation happens after the cancellation of a purchase order, the Canceled Quantity on the purchase order line or the purchase order total does not reflect the quantity which was utilized by invoice and is now canceled and no longer in use. To correctly recalculate quantity, buyers must final close the document in Oracle Purchasing.
Buyers can recreate a demand for internal requisition if the complex purchase order line is not received or billed.
Note that there are no changes to the basic cancel functionality.

View Correct Action Status for Purchasing Documents

Oracle Purchasing now displays the correct action status for purchasing documents based on the approver's action. Prior to this release, the application displayed the action as Forward whenever any of the three actions were performed: Approve, Forward, and Approve and Forward.
From this release, a new ' Delegate' action code is available for purchase orders, agreements, and releases. Whenever an approver delegates an action to another approver, Oracle Purchasing displays this action as 'Delegate'.
For all purchasing documents, when the delegated person performed any action, the Action History recorded this action as the original approver's action. Now, when the delegated person performs any action, the Action History displays the delegated person as the performer of the action.

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