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May 9, 2016

5/09/2016 09:49:00 AM

Modify Encumbered Documents Without unreserving

With this release, Oracle Purchasing enables buyers to make modifications to encumbered documents without unreserving the documents.

View Accounting Entries for Encumbered Purchase Orders and Agreements

Buyers can now view the budgetary postings of encumbered orders and agreements using the new 'View Accounting' action introduced in Orders and Agreements pages of Buyer Work Center. The Accounting Entries related to incremental or decremental changes to order’s budget value can be viewed from the order or agreement document. This helps the users as they need not log in to the Oracle General Ledger responsibility to drill down to view subledger details.

Group Shipments for Automatically Created Purchase Documents
Purchase orders generated through ASCP, WIP, OM, Inventory, and EAM requisitions can have multiple distributions per one shipment line. Currently, if one distribution line related to the shipment is cancelled, it results in the cancellation of all the distribution lines of that shipment. For example, one shipment is attached to multiple distributions. When one WIP job is cancelled, then the single shipment along with all the distributions gets cancelled.
With this release, Oracle Purchasing provides flexibility to buyers to decide whether they want to group shipments or not. Buyers can now use the new ‘Group Shipments’ check box available in the Buyer Work Center Demand Workbench Document Builder region, Purchasing Options page, and AutoCreate Documents window. If buyers select this check box, then shipments are grouped. Otherwise, Oracle Purchasing creates a separate shipment for each requisition line. Distributions are not grouped.
Note: The Group Shipments check impacts only the requisitions from Oracle Purchasing and Oracle iProcurement. Buyers can decide whether to group shipments or not for requisitions from Purchasing and iProcurement. Shipments are not grouped even if the Group Shipments check box is selected for ASCP, WIP, OM, Inventory, and EAM requisitions.

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