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May 10, 2016

5/10/2016 09:13:00 AM
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New XML Publisher (Business Intelligence Publisher) Available in Oracle Purchasing

From this release, XML Publisher versions are available for majority of Oracle Purchasing reports. Customers can use the XML reports instead of the RDF ones.

Automatic Generation of Charge Account to Successfully Import Requisitions

With this new feature, when requisitions are imported using the Requisition Import Process, the Charge, Budget, Variance and Accrual accounts for the Requisitions are generated automatically by calling the Requisition Account Generator workflow.

Track Return Orders through License Plate Number (LPN)

When return to vendor happens, and if Oracle Warehouse Management (WMS) is installed, buyers can track return orders through license plate number (LPN). For return orders, they can view LPN details available in the From LPN and To LPN columns in the Receiving Returns window, Return From tab.

Manage Receiving Open Interface (ROI) Transactions in Oracle Purchasing
From this release, using the Transaction Category field in the Find Transaction Status window, buyers can search for desktop, Receiving Open Interface (ROI), or both transactions. They can also use the Group ID search criteria to search for transactions. The following processing status criteria are available for search:

  • Pending
  • Completed
  • Running
  • Error

The Transaction Statuses window provides new information for transactions such as Processing Status, Source Document, Mobile
transactions such as Processing Status, Source Document, Mobile Transaction, and Transaction Category.
Buyers can delete the interface error transactions if they have access to the Transaction Statuses window. However, they can delete pending or running transactions only if they have the authorization to delete such transactions. The system administrator must set the P_ALLOW_DELETE form function parameter to Y to enable buyers to delete pending or running transactions.

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