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June 29, 2016

6/29/2016 08:17:00 AM
Oracle HCM

What is Bursting ?
 Oracle Bursting Mechanism enables us to deliver a single XML Publisher report/letter to multiple destinations simultaneously.One can create a single report/letter , then send it in any format (e.g., PDF or HTML) to multiple destinations(email ids). 
These individual xml blocks can then be used to generate reports and even use different layouts. You can also deliver the reports to multiple destinations based on a XML Element. The steps involved are listed below for your understanding:
  • Generate the XML File
  • Split the XML into multiple XML sections
  • Generate Report based on the individual XML sections
  • and send the output to given mail ids
Where Bursting program will helpful?
In sending email to individual 

for  example  to send payslip in mail

But we have to use the below program internally it will call bursting program
There are request run 
1. Pay Advice report in payroll,
2. use Burst OUTPUT. 
Both are Oracle standard functionality.

Where we have to setup of email of Employee

  While defining Employee we have to setup the email
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