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June 12, 2016

6/12/2016 01:35:00 PM
Supplier Management

Describe at high-level your Accounts Payable processes
Do you have single or multiple bill-to locations?
What is the basis for your vendor category breakdown?
Do you have a single consolidated vendor list?
Do you have vendors listed in your files multiple times?
How do you handle vendors with multiple addresses?
Do you have preferred vendors?  How do you identify them?
How do you handle vendor numbering?
Do you put employees as vendors?  If not, how do you pay employee expenses?
Do you have a standard naming convention for vendors when the name is like "John Smith"?  Is it "Smith John" or "John Smith"?
Do you have shared vendors between companies?  How many?
What type of vendor analysis do you perform?
Are vendors categorized for reporting purposes?
Are vendors categorized for financial tracking purposes?
Is there a requirement to define vendor sites which can receive payments and sites which cannot receive payments?
Who adds and maintains vendor in the system?
How many “active” vendors are there? (Let’s assume “active” is any vendor with at least one invoice in last 12 months.

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