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June 27, 2016

6/27/2016 09:06:00 AM
Oracle APPS Payable Functional Issues

Invoice has been cancelled but is still stuck in Scheduled Payments .
Able to seen in the Scheduled Payments tab of Invoice screen

Solution:Need to do void payment.


Navigate to Payments > Entry > Payment Manager 

You can see Payment Dashboard

Click on Payments Tab and Search for Payment using Payee Name

Then Click on Initiate Stop Button.

Enter Date and Reason for Voiding Payment and click on Apply Button. In the next 

screen, Click on Yes Button

Go back to home and search for that payment, status becomes Void 
(i.e) Payment is released and invoices are available again for payment.

For pre payments:

Oracle actually restrict voiding a payment for a prepayment already  applied to an invoice

To void the payment 

Go to prepayment applications and un-apply any invoices applied
Query for the invoice to which you have applied the prepayment (now the invoice should have new distribution line and status must have changed to ‘Needs re-validation’)
Validate the invoice and create accounting
Go back to payment screen and query the payment you want to void
Click the Actions Button

Void check box should be enabled now

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