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June 23, 2016

6/23/2016 09:31:00 AM

--->      Any standard report available showing payment information and corresponding invoices which the payment(s) has been made?

    Ans:Supplier Payment History Report

 Supplier Payment History Report to review the payment history for a supplier, or a group of suppliers with the same supplier type. By submitting   this report by supplier or supplier type to review the payments you made during a time range you specify.This report provides totals for the payments made to each supplier site, each supplier, and all suppliers included in the report.
 If you choose to include the invoice details, Payables displays the paid invoice's invoice number, date, invoice amount, and amount paid by the payment. 
This report also displays the void payments for a supplier site, but does not include the amount of the void payment in the payment total for that supplier site.
The report lists supplier payments alphabetically by supplier and site. You can additionally order the report by Payment Amount, Payment Date, or Payment Number. All amounts are displayed in the payment currency.

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