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June 24, 2016

6/24/2016 04:12:00 PM

Exception name                                           cause                                             handler name
No data found                                    when select into                                    no_data_found
                                                           statement fails to
                                                           return any records

Too many rows                                  when select into stmt                             too_many_rows
                                                           returns more than 1 row

Unique                                               when unique cons is                             dup_val_on_index
Constraint violated                             Violated

Invalid number                                    when non numeric value                        invalid_number
                                                            is specified for number
                                                            column during dml

Value error                                           when non numeric value                            value_error
                                                             is assigned to number
                                                             type variable.

Invalid cursor                                       when we refer to                                     invalid_cursor
                                                             cursor that has
                                                             not been
                                                             declared or that
                                                             has been closed

Cursor already                                      when we open a                                cursor_already_open
Open                                                     cursor that is
                                                              already open

Zero divide                                           when we divide a number                          zero_divide
                                                              by zero

Case not found                                     when case statement                                case_not_found
                                                               does not find the
                                                               specified condition
Program error                                         when pl/sql engine                                    program_error
Storage error                                          when server has no                                      storage_error
                                                                memory to execute
                                                                pl/sql code

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