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June 3, 2016

6/03/2016 05:28:00 PM
If you make changes to a Sales Order after the Purchase Order (PO) has been generated, will the order changes automatically be updated on the PO?

Order changes will not be automatically updated on the PO. Run the Discrepancy report will allow you to view the differences between the Sales Order and PO. However, you will have to manually update the POs in the Purchasing application.

 Please note: Sales Order changes will be automatically updated on the PO when the PO Status is Incomplete or Require Re-approval. If the PO is already approved, you cannot make changes to the Sales Order line (without un-approving the PO).

Can Configurable Items be Drop Shipped?

Currently only Standard Items can be Drop Shipped. Functionality for Configurable Items will be added in future releases.

How are over/under shipments handled in Drop Shipment?

If part of a drop-ship line ships, and you do not wish to fulfill the remaining quantity, cancel the line. Over shipments must also be handled manually. If the supplier ships more than the ordered quantity, you can bill your customer for the additional quantity or request that they return the item. Use the Drop Ship Order Discrepancy Report to view differences between your drop-ship Sales Orders and their associated purchase requisitions and orders.

Can we receive a PO Shipment for which the related Sales Order Line is Cancelled / Closed?

PO Shipments for which the relates Sales Order line has been cancelled or closed cannot be received. The PO shipment should be cancelled. A new Sales Order Line should be created, if needed. 
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