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June 6, 2016

6/06/2016 03:36:00 PM
Implementation Considerations for Transactions  

 For Auto Accounting,

when using a table as a source of a segment, make sure the General Ledger accounts are defined for the source. For example, if you select the Company segment to be derived from the transaction type for Revenue, the revenue account must be entered for all transaction types.  For payment terms, decide on discounting, balance forward billing, split payment terms, and allocating tax and freight. Note: You cannot use line level cash application on invoices with split payment terms

For transaction batch sources, select Value to import a record into Auto Invoice tables using its actual name (non-Oracle system); select ID to use its internal identifier (Oracle system).

If you use an Oracle system, then ID is quicker because of the shorter character length. For example, it is quicker to read “2309” than “Business World.”        

Implementation Considerations for Remit-To Addresses  

Define lockbox addresses as remit-to addresses to let customers know where to send payment.
To catch any missing assignments, set up a remit-to address assigned to a default location. If you enter or import an invoice with an address that does not correspond to any of your assignments, it uses the default remit-to address.
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