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June 7, 2016

6/07/2016 05:16:00 PM

Subledger Accounting Receivables Accounting Event Model An event entity enables Oracle Subledger Accounting to handle the accounting for similar business events in a consistent manner.

The four predefined subledger accounting event entities in Receivables are:

  • Transactions 
  • Receipts  
  • Adjustments  
  • Bills Receivable

 Each event entity is associated with one or more event classes.
An event class represents a category of business events for a particular transaction type or document. Event classes group similar event types and enable the sharing of accounting definitions.
An event type represents a business operation that you can perform for an event class.

An accounting event has both an event class and an event type that affect how the Create Accounting program determines the subledger accounting for it. Event types provide the lowest level of detail for storing accounting definitions. For example, the Receivables event class Miscellaneous Receipt is subject to three types of business operations that are represented by the event types
Miscellaneous Receipt Created,
Miscellaneous Receipt Reverse, and
 Miscellaneous Receipt Updated.

Implementation Considerations :Click for more Info 
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