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June 8, 2016

6/08/2016 10:36:00 AM
System Options Relating to Transactions

Vision Operations (USA) (N) Setup > System > System Options > (T) Accounting
 (N) Setup > System > System Options > (T) Transactions and Customers

Header Level Rounding: Assign a special account for rounding differences when converting foreign currency transactions to your functional currency. The Header Level Rounding is enabled on the Accounting tab. Caution: This option cannot be disabled once the box has been selected.
 Header Level Rounding adds an additional line to every transaction regardless of the currency.

Automatic Journal Import: Automatically import the batches you transfer by checking this box on the Accounting tab. The value becomes the default value on the Run GL Journal Import field in the Run General Ledger Interface window.

Allow Change to Printed Transactions: Allow updates to printed transactions by checking this box on the Transactions and Customers tab.  Allow Transaction Deletion: Allow a transaction to be deleted from Receivables after it has been saved by checking this box on the Transactions and Customers tab. Caution: Do not enable this option if using gapless numbering of transactions.    
 Note: There are system options relating to Auto Invoicing as well. For more information on System Options relating to Auto invoicing,
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