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July 5, 2016

7/05/2016 11:32:00 AM

Problem Definition 
Can we create Invoice and Receipts in Receivables Other than Functional Currency.?

YES we can

Problem Definition

Purchase Order Approval Problem
1. User create PO. 
2. After finish enter all related data, go for APPROVAL. 
3. After click APPROVE BUTTON, status remain INCOMPLETE. 
4. I check at Inquire --> View Action History, there are 2 lines,
 1. SUBMIT. 


Analysis 1
we have to check the approval limit and if user does not have limit to 
approve we have to check whether the hierarchy is properly build or not. 

If any of them is missing we have put the approval limit and in hierarchy 
properly. Run fill employee hierarchy from the purchasing responsibility. 

After that user need to open the document and re approve it.

Analysis 2:

the Approval Assignments and Approval Groups in Purchasing. your approval authority limit should be more than the PO amount.
Also check the Job and Position attached. 
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