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July 4, 2016

7/04/2016 08:53:00 AM
Oracle Purchase Order approval issues

PO approve from the worklist/email which cause PO status change to Pre Approved? 

Incident only happens to certain PO not all. If the approval access to the EBS form to approve the PO then change to "Approved, reserved" 

Resolution :If the person who has the authority to approve and if he approves and 
then forward to some other person for additional approval, then it goes 
to pre approved status.

 Created one PO with service tax and created Receipt against PO. If the  user want to return the same receipt with service tax amount. How to do this?

 By doing receipt reversal in R12 we have that option. Please kindly ensure that and make that receipt reversal.

Problem :
Purchase gets recycled and comes back to approvers worklist even after approval. Moreover, no changes have been made in PO still it appears in worklist. This happens to multiple users! How to resolve this issue?


It's feasible that one person would need to approve a document more than once. For example, 

a. if the document requires manager & buyer approval & the manager and buyer are the same person then they would need to approve twice. OR, 

b. you can check if there are any vacation rules in place. If the manager appears at level 1 in the approval hierarchy, but the person who approves at level 3 delegated their approval to the level 1 manager then that person would need to approve twice 

You should trace the workflow from the point the preparer submits the document and then check your setup to confirm which person is setup to approve at each stage. That should give you your answer.
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