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July 22, 2016

7/22/2016 11:23:00 AM
oracle apps dropshipment

Drop ship order items ship directly from a supplier to the customer of the order processing company.

A purchase requisition, then a purchase order, is generated to notify the supplier of the requirement.
After the supplier ships the order, it notifies Purchasing to enter this information in the Purchasing module. Then a regularly scheduled automatic interface updates the sales order with this data.

 You can enter, view, and update drop ship orders using the Oracle Order 
Management functions.

 You can use the Order Management screen to designate a drop ship order by entering a drop ship order type, an external source type to show that this will ship from a supplier instead of internally, and a receiving organization instead of a warehouse.

For more setups click

Oracle Dropshipment

Here the activity is entering process where

oe_order_headers_all (flow_status_code as entered) oe_order_lines_all .

The order is booked as DROP SHIP

Order Booking

The Purchase Release program passes information about eligible drop-ship order lines to Oracle Purchasing.The interface table which gets populated is po_requisitions_interface_all

After Purchase Release has completed successfully, run Requisition Import in Oracle Purchasing to generate purchase requisitions for the processed order lines. 

 The Requisition Import program reads the table po_requisitions_interface_all validates your data, derives or defaults additional information and writes an error message for every validation that fails into the po_interface_errors table.

The validated data is then inserted into the requisition base tables

  • po_requisition_headers_all,
  • po_requisition_lines_all,
  • po_requisition_distributions_all.

Then use autocreate PO functionality to create purchase orders and then perform receipts against these purchase orders
After the goods are successfully received invoices for vendors are created in accounts payables as in normal purchase orders. 

Invoices are generated for customers In account receivables.

 oe_order_lines_all (flow_status_code ’shipped’, open_flag “N”)
oe_order_lines_all (flow_status_code ‘closed’, open_flag “N”)

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