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July 11, 2016

7/11/2016 01:06:00 PM

There are 3 new features introduced in R12.2.4 Payables:

1> Release 12.2.4 has introduced new feature
                     - Sending workflow approval notifications in parallel.
This will allow invoice header level approval cycle to send notifications to all approvers simultaneously , 
 And will enable to reduce overall approval cycle time.

The main advantage for this change is to shorten the processing time for an invoice to get approved.

The parallel approval process imposes a hierarchical (tree) structure on the transaction’s approver list 
This enables the approval process of each item in the transaction to continue irrespective of the progress of approval process of other items in the transaction and reduces the transaction's approval process time.

If user selects the parallel ordering mode, the approval notifications will be sent to all approvers at the same time. The invoice may get approved when one or all approvers approve the invoice, depending on the voting regime that is set up.

The available voting regimes are

  •  serial
  •  consensus
  •  first-responder-win 
  •  order number

2> Invoice Validation Parallel Processing in Oracle Payables.
Invoice validation concurrent program supports multiple child requests based on the Purchase Order matched invoice.
A new Profile - AP: Maximum Invoice Validation Child Requests added that controls the maximum number of child requests that can be spawned by the concurrent program.

The Invoice Validation concurrent program is now equipped to spawn multiple child requests based on the Purchase Order matched invoice load and the newly seeded profile "AP:Maximum Invoice Validation Child Requests".

The user continues to submit a single Invoice validation program with his/her preferred parameters but internally the program groups the invoices matched to same Purchase Orders and ensures that each such group is processed by a single child request.

3> International Bank Account Number (IBAN) Support.
Customer and Supplier bank accounts can be created or searched based on International Bank Account Number (IBAN).

Content Courtesy: Oracle
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