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July 21, 2016

7/21/2016 10:04:00 PM

Oracle Purchasing 11i to R12 upgrade

Which table holds the Requisition header and line attachments?

2. Using the SQL:

    select * from FND_DOCUMENTS
    where document_id=
     (select requisition_header_id
     from po_requisition_headers_all
     where segment1='<req_num>')

The above returns ID's but not the text written as attachment.  The table FND_DOCUMENTS_SHORT_TEXT requires and media_id; how to determine the value for this?


1. Starting with Release 11i and continuing in Release 12, attachments are stored in FND tables

   FND_DOCUMENTS stores language independent information about a document.
   FND_DOCUMENTS_LONG_RAW stores images and OLE Objects, such as Word Documents and Excel spreadsheets, in the database.
   FND_DOCUMENTS_LONG_TEXT stores information about long text documents.
   FND_ATTACHED_DOCUMENTS stores information relating a document to an application
  FND_DOCUMENTS_SHORT_TEXT stores information about short text documents.

Specifically for Requisitions, created in both Core Purchasing and iProcurement, the following apply:



Note that the values for column PK1_VALUE above is stored in FND_ATTACHED_DOCUMENTS as VARCHAR; this is important as PO schema stores REQUISITION_HEADER_ID column as NUMBER in PO_REQUISITION_HEADERS_ALL.

Using a test case example Requisition 14731, having REQUISITION_HEADER_ID = 142074, use the following SQL:

where PK1_VALUE = '12334'

For additional details on attachments, utilize the data from FND_ATTACHED_DOCUMENTS to query the other tables mentioned above.

2. The FND_DOCUMENTS_SHORT_TEXT.MEDIA_ID = fnd_documents_tl.media_id

The value can be obtained by running the following SQL:

select * from fnd_attached_documents where pk1_value=<requisition_header_id>;

select media_id from fnd_documents_tl where document_id = <document_id from 1st sql>;

select * from fnd_documents_short_text where media_id = <media_id from 2nd sql>;
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