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July 6, 2016

7/06/2016 08:48:00 AM

Oracle Receivables
Standard Memo Lines Receivables,
Vision Operations (USA) (N) Setup > Transactions > Memo Lines

Memo lines can be used to define goods or services that are sold frequently, but have not been defined as inventory items, such as Annual Maintenance Contracts or Consulting Services.
Select one of the following standard line types: Charges, Freight, Line, or Tax.

You can enter a tax classification code and tax product category to associate with a standard memo line. These values are passed to E-Business Tax(ebiz Tax) for tax calculation.

If the price is constant, you  have to  enter a unit price which defaults when this memo line is used. Tax Classification Code and Tax Product Category Defaulting The defaulting and usage of tax classification codes is controlled by Oracle E-Business Tax.

 The tax classification code represents the tax code migrated from Release 11i tax content. You use tax classification codes as determining factors in tax calculation only when you choose to use the Release 11i tax model in E-Business Tax.

Query to get Memo lines

SELECT operating_unit,,
       amlv.line_type type,
       amlv.tax_code tax_classification,
       amlv.uom_code unit_of_measure,
       amlv.unit_std_price unit_list_price,
       gcck.concatenated_segments revenue_account,
  FROM ar_memo_lines_vl amlv,
       gl_code_combinations_kfv gcck,
       hr_operating_units hou
 WHERE     end_date IS NULL
       AND hou.organization_id = amlv.org_id
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