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July 1, 2016

7/01/2016 05:11:00 PM

Oracle Purchasing implementations

Q) Unable to see all document types only able to see  Quotation and RFQ in Drop Down of Create Document Type

Run Replicate Seeded Data in inventory modules & check.

Q) Is it possible for transfer the access of RFQ from one buyer to other buyer in sourcing. ?

Yes,from manage>drafts search for RFQ number and press unlock,so the other buyers can perform all actions

Q)In the "Financial Options" of purchasing responsibility, on the "Supplier-Purchasing" tab, there is a check box named "RFQ only site?What is the significance of this site?

Ans)If the site is set as 'Purchasing Site' only, even then you can call this
supplier site in the RFQ. System will allow you to select it. 

But if you have defined the site as 'RFQ Only' you can only create request  for quotations for RFQ
 only Site and you cannot create purchase orders . 

Business Requirement

Requirement 1. While creating purchase order based on Quotation (either Quotation copied to PO or autocreate and attach quotations), system should allow only approved quotation line. 

Requirement 2. Also, once the quotation is converted into PO, the corresponding Quotations and RFQ should be closed automatically? 

Ans)Case 1 : you are right, you can use only approved quotation line in PO. while auto creating PO from must have sourcing rule to attach supplier name to PR & then in ASL it must linked with approved quote. 

Case 2 : since you can have multiple quotes against one RFQ... once you approve quote, you have to compare quotes first.. & then PR is closed once PO is created.


We often receive discounts from suppliers as percentage of PO total. What would be the best approach to reflect this in the PO, so that the actual quotation is shown in the PO? I know that this may be handled in the AP, but we want to reflect the actual quote in the PO.?

Ans)Use advance pricing in Purchasing
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