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July 31, 2016

7/31/2016 09:51:00 AM

Q: Picking rule default on the pick release form based on the sales order number

Can you give us more details of 
the requirement? 

E.g. if sales order begins with 8, then use Rule1. 

If it begins with 7, then use Rule2. 

Resolution: Pick release rule can default the Order type but given order number would not default the pick 
release rule. 
It may possible it can be done through forms peronsalization 

Q:Requirement: We have to revoke the access of AR Manager to update any transaction, but we need to provide the approval or completing the transaction access to AR Manager 

1. In the Menu Exclusion of the responsibility I removed the update access for an invoice for AR Managers responsibility. 
2. I created two Menu's Complete and Incomplete the transaction for this responsibility 
3. When we choose the Menu named complete, I do the following activities 
a. The Header block, TGW_HEADER - update_allowed property set to TRUE 
b. Set the value of TGW_HEADER.COMPLETE_FLAG_MIR to Y 
c. Set the value of TGW_HEADER.COMPLETE_FLAG to Y 
d. Execute the commit_form via the do_key builtin 
e. Set the property of the header block TGW_HEADER - update allowed once again to FALSE 
4. Similarly when I capture the Incomplete trigger event I set the property of items mentioned above to N 
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