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July 20, 2016

7/20/2016 10:33:00 PM

Oracle Purchasing  Functional FAQS

When you try to approve a purchase Order  you get an error "documents total exceeds document total limit rule please enter forward to" how to resolve?


For a document to be approved by a user / originator follow the steps given below..
1.Ensure approval group setup is appropriate.
2.In order to approve a document the user/buyer/originator of the document must choose 'document total' for the object field I the approval groups window.
3.For a document to be approved by the originator it is necessary to verify the amount entered is within the limit of the 'document total'.
4.This is defined in the approval group window.
5.Ensure relevant documents are appropriately defined in document type window.

For a document to be forwarded by a user/originator follow the steps given below..
1.Ensure that higher position is assigned to an employee in the position Hierarchy window. position of the employee must be higher than the position of the user/originator of the document with greater limit of the 'document total'.
2.Use the reports form in the menu and submit a request for 'fill employee hierarchy ' report.
Now the purchase order can be approved if the po is within the user limit and can be forwarded if it is beyond the user limit.
 How can you have specific requester defaulted on requisition form ?

In order to have a specific requestor default onto the requisitions form , a user will have to set the following in the user will have to set the following in the user's requisition preferences.
Navigation: /Purchasing ->Requisitions -> Requisitions
Go to special ->preferences
Click in the requestor field
Choose a requestor from the list of values

Click the 'apply' button , a message ' new preferences now in effect.'
Close the requisitions form
Re-open the requisitions form
Click in the lines region, the requestor from requisition preferences should appear in the requestor field. The requisition preferences are only valid while working on it , user needs to re enter requisition preferences each time he starts the applications 

What does the error 'APP-50022: Oracle Human Resources could not retrieve a value for User Type profile option' mean?


The profile HR: User Type needs to be set.
Set the profile option 'HR: User Type' at the Responsibility level

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