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August 8, 2016

8/08/2016 01:52:00 PM

Can AME be used for requisition while Position Hierarchies used for POs? 

Yes, AME with Procurement is only used with Requisitions, and it is possible to use Position Hierarchies for PO's while using AME for Requisitions (although Position Hierarchies are not used by AME during Requisition Approval)

 Can Purchase Requisitions created in Core Purchasing Applications use the AME approval functionality?

Yes. AME works for both iProcurement and Core Purchasing Requisitions

Can Internal Requisitions use the new Procurement AME approval functionality ?


 Does AME support parallel approval ? 

In 11.5.10 only serial approval is supported.  Parallel approval is supported in R12.

 How do I enable the Approval Engine for my Requisitions ?

This is done in the Setup Document Type Form in Core Purchasing. The following Approval Transaction Types are seeded and supported:

PURCHASE_REQ = Purchase Requisition
INTERNAL_REQ = Internal Requisition
RCO = Requestor change order

Can different Approval Rules be Setup in AME across different Operating Units? 

 No. Approval Rules setup in AME will be used across all Operating Units. If it is necessary to not have rules work in a particular Operating Unit, there are two ways to do this:

Turn off AME in that particular Operating Unit
Create a rule that excludes that particular Operating Unit from the rule
or 1) based on a attribute for operating unit and having different rule with conditions such that different rule will be applicable for different operating unit
2) Using a dynamic group in rules: The group used returns appropriate user based on operating unit
18. What functional limitations ex

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