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August 12, 2016

8/12/2016 10:47:00 AM

Punchout Overview

Punchout is a feature from iProcurement and Oracle Exchange which allows to access the external catalog and bring the items to iProcurement in order to create requisitions. The external catalog can be hosted by Oracle Exchange, a third party organization or by the supplier.

1. Requester/preparer clicks the Punchout link.
           2. Login request is sent to the supplier server.
           3. Supplier authenticates the access and sends the login response.
           4. iProcurement redirects the browser to the supplier catalog site.
           5. Requester/preparer searches the items and returns to iProcurement.
           6. Shopping cart is processed by iProcurement.

Once the requisition is created and converted to a Purchase Order, the PO document can be sent to the supplier directly or through OSN (Oracle Supplier Network). This feature is not part of Punchout, however it is mentioned to give an idea of the indirect integration and cycle on the procurement process.

Why Punchout is userful?

1. A Punchout allows the approval process to reside where it belongs, and where it is already setup and maintained – within EBS.  Anyone running Oracle iProcurement will likely have approval hierarchies and approval amounts established. 
2. A Punchout utilizes the three-way match functionality within Purchasing. 
3. A Punchout allows the user to code the expense properly before it comes into AP.  
4. By utilizing the punchout feature an organizations does not have to maintain any catalogs for these items.  
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