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August 2, 2016

8/02/2016 09:41:00 AM

Q)What are the different authorization_status can a requisition have?

Approved, Cancelled, In Process, Incomplete, Pre-Approved, Rejected, or Returned.

Q. Can we create Position heiracchy for Requisition Approval

Q)Can an approved requisition be viewed in the Requisition form?

No, an approved requisition cannot be viewed in the Requisition form. Approved or In Process requisitions can only be viewed in the Requisition Summary form. Only Requisitions, which have Incomplete, Returned, and Rejected status, can be viewed from Enter Requisition form.
An approved requisition can be revised using the Change Requisition process in iProcurement.

Q. Can we create Position hierarchy for Requisition Approval

Q)How to find out which sales orders are linked to a Purchase Order?
In Requisition Summary form (M) Special-> View Purchase Order. In the 'Special' Menu itself you can see the option' View Sales Order'.

Q AME is possible in PO approval ??
NO. AME for Req approval

Q)What does the status Pre-Approved mean, and how does a document reach this status?

The status of Pre-Approved is the outcome of a person forwarding a document for approval even though the forwarding person has the necessary authority to approve it. The document may have been forwarded by mistake or for business reasons. It is not possible to perform a receipt against a document with a status of Pre-Approved.

Clicking on the LOV to select an employee to forward the document gives error:FRM-41830: List Of Values contains no entries.
You need to run the following sql:
SQL>select can_preparer_approve_flag, default_approval_path_id
from po_document_types_all
where document_type_code = 'REQUISITION';

If the results return a NULL value for can_prepare_approve_flag then you need to perform the following: Navigation: 
Purchasing -> Setup -> Purchasing Document Types. 
In the document window type window use Requisition in the type field. Enable "Owner Can Approve" check box save it disable it save it and enable it. This is to set the flag accordingly. Now save the record. Now when you enter a requisition and forward the requisition for approval you can have LOV in the forward field

Q. when we delete approved record, if it is by other user, will he be notified for the same
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