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August 3, 2016

8/03/2016 01:57:00 PM

Oracle Applications: Purchasing: Vendor Hold Report

What does vendor on hold report do ?

Vendor on hold report prints all vendors who are on hold and have unapproved po's with authorization status = incomplete for that vendor. This helps the user to change the status on the purchase order and approve it.
This is the intended functionality of the report.
The vendors report would print all vendors and would also include the on hold information.

Under what Circumstance we'll use Blanket and Planned Agreement
In blanket, the price of the agreement is fixed but the quantity is not fixed. We get price breaks in Blanket for volume discounts.
In planned, the shipment is tentative. It does not have any price breaks so no volume discounts.

So, blanket is for high volume transactions.

How to view the Tax information from the Purchase Order Entry Form?
To view the tax information from the Purchase Order Form navigate to:
Actions menu > Manage Tax .

Where does the ship-to field get populated from in Requisition/ PO form ?

The ship-to field values are defaulting from the buyer setup in Requisition/ PO form.

What is 2-way, 3-way, 4-way matching? How is this set-up?


2-way matching verifies that Purchase order and invoice information match within your tolerances as follows:
Quantity billed <= Quantity Ordered
Invoice price <= Purchase order price
(<= sign is used because of tolerances)
3-way matching verifies that the receipt and invoice information match with the quantity tolerances defined:
Quantity billed <= Quantity received
4-way matching verifies that acceptance documents and invoice information match within the quantity tolerances defined:
Quantity billed <= Quantity accepted.
(Acceptance is done at the time of Inspecting goods).

Whether a PO shipment has 2-way, 3-way or 4-way matching can be setup in the Shipment Details zone of the Enter PO form (character)
Receipt required Inspection required Matching
YesNo 3-way
No No 2-way 

In Oracle Purchasing, where is the automatic numbering for Purchase Order defined and maintained?
The navigation path for GUI is:
Setup --> Organizations --> Purchasing Options, Numbering alternate region

The navigation path for Character is:
\ Navigate Setup Purchasing Options Purchasing, Numbering options 

What will happen to the 11.5.x Tax Code after upgrade to releaseR12?

11i Tax Codes will be maintained as Tax Classification Codes.
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