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August 6, 2016

8/06/2016 11:24:00 AM

Issue: Error in creating accounting

"Subledger Accounting was unable to derive an accounting code combination using the account derivation rule Realized Gain Account owned by Oracle. Please review the account derivation rule and make sure it derives a valid accounting flexfield combination for the source values passed for the transaction."


There may be two reasons for this error. 

  • Either the exchange gain and exchange loss account is not defined in the system
  • the account defined there is not an active account in GL

Problem Definition

Want to have separate AP Standard Invoice No. for new Operating Unit as we have done of Purchase Order, Requisitions, RFQ, Inventory Receipt, Sales Order in same manner we want to That for our two Operating unit two Document sequnce no should be separately identified

1. Defined a New Document Category (System Administrator: Application--> 
Sequential Numbering --> Categories) 
2. Defined a New Document Sequence (System Administrator: Application--> 
Sequential Numbering --> Define) 
3. Assigned Document Category (System Administrator: Application--> 
Sequential Numbering --> Assign)*Here the Method should be either NULL or
4. Enabled the "Allow Document Category Override" Option in Invoice TAB of 
Payables Option (Payables: Setup--> Options--> Payables) 
5. While Entering the Invoice you should* Change the Vale in Document 
Category Name Field *to the Desired Document Category, system will 
automatically pick the Sequence attached to this Document Category 

Repeat this for as many OUs you want to have a different Document Sequence. 
Then Define the Document Sequences and Assign them to the Categories Defined 

In Payables Option (Payables: Setup: Options: Payables*) Enable the "Allow 
Document Category Override" *Option in the Invoice TAB. 

Now while doing the transactions (booking the AP Invoices) you must ensure 
that the users are using the respective Document Category, (you will be 
allowed to select the document sequencing in Document Category field on the
invoice header) as defined for the OU. 
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