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September 24, 2016

9/24/2016 02:50:00 AM

Oracle APPS  R12.2.6 Concurrent Program Auto Refresh Feature 

Oracle apps  concurrent Program Auto refresh Feature

As I mentioned in my previous post Oracle Applications Concurrent Program Submission-Auto Refresh  Oracle enhance this features in R12.2.6

If you want  to achieve this feature we need to  follow following instructions

Standard Request Submission Enhancements
The standard request submission (SRS) View Requests window has the enhancements listed below. These changes simplify the navigation required to perform these steps and/or reduce the number of mouse-clicks needed.
  • Auto Refresh check box - When this box is selected, the form will refresh the list of requests after a specified interval measured in seconds. Use the profile option "Concurrent: Auto-refresh View Request Timer (secs)" to set this interval.
  • Rerun Request button - This new button will resubmit the selected request with exactly the same parameters, after confirmation. Note that you cannot use this button to rerun non-SRS requests.
  • Copy Single Request and Copy Request Set buttons - these buttons allow you to copy a single request or request set, respectively. A list of values is provided to select the request or request set.
  • Submit a New Request and Submit New Request Set - These buttons allow you to submit a new request or submit a new request set, respectively. These buttons are also added to the Find Requests window.
CategoryNameTechnical NameDescription
Changed FormStandard Request Submission (Forms)FNDRSRUNUpdated Find Requests and View Requests windows.

CategoryProfile Option NameFeature AreaDescription
New Profile OptionConcurrent: Auto-refresh View Request Timer (secs)Concurrent Processing This profile option sets the interval, in seconds, for refreshing the View Request window based on a timer, if the Auto Refresh box is checked. The default value is 300, if no value is given. The value 0 disables Auto Refresh.
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