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September 20, 2016

9/20/2016 10:34:00 AM

Topic: Multi-Org, Inventory, HRMS, Purchasing

 1.Explain the features and advantages of Multi-Org structure?
2.What is the hierarchy of Multi-Org structure? Explain each component.

3.List the key Flexi-fields of Oracle Inventory?

Item catalogs
Item categories
System items
Stock locators
Sales orders
Account aliases
Oracle service item flexi field
4.what is position hierarchy and which repost w.r.t positions has to run in purchasing?

The position hierarchy to show the who are the superiors and subordinators and their having positions.

Report name is “Fill Employee Hierarchy”

5.Is it mandatory to define approved suppliers?

Approved suppliers is optional but if we are select the check box use approved supplier under purchasing region  while defining master items. Then it is mandatory to the defined master item.
6.List any six tab pages of payables options?

  1. Invoice
  2. With holding tax
  3. Transfer to gl
  4. Currency
  5. Accounting methods
  6. Suppliers
  7. Matching
  8. Interest
  9. Payment
  10. Invoice tax
  11. Expense report
  12. Payment accounting
  13. Tax defaults and rules
  14. Reports
7.what are the default segments in item category key flex field and what type of value sets they are assigned with?

  • Family
  • Class
 Independent value sets to assigned to family
Dependent value sets to assigned to class

8.What are the different ‘pay date bases’ and explain each

9.What are the mandatory profile options used in Multi-Org?

MO: Security profile
HR: Security Profile
MO: Operating Unit
HR: User Type
GL set of books Name

10.What is ‘price Break’ and what are the different types of price breaks?

11.What do you mean by category set? And what is its relevance?
12.What are three different types of information that are to be provided while defining inventory organization?

13.What are different types of installment?

14.What are the Accounts defaults to ‘supplier’ from ‘financial options’?

15.Whether Approval group will assign to position or job?

16.What are different parameters to select while defining an operating unit?

17.List the tab pages of financial options

18.Explain the concept of Cut-off day pay terms.

19.What are different object types on approval group?

20.What is the difference between Purchase Price variance account and Invoice price variance account?

21.What is the relevance of terms date basis? Where to select this option?

22.What are different types of Distribution sets and explain each in brief

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