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September 25, 2016

9/25/2016 11:32:00 AM
Oracle Order management R12.2.6 features

Oracle Order Management :Recurring Billing R12.2.6 New features  

Recurring Billing

Oracle Order Management now enables you to bill your customers on a recurring basis for standard items they are ordering on a sales order line.
 In Oracle Order Management when your are entering a sales order you can now create a billing plan for the sales order line. When you create the billing plan you have the option to specify a fixed number of billing plan lines or an indefinite number of billing plan lines. 
After the billing plan is created and source order line is closed, the new Create Billing Lines concurrent program is run. 
The Create Billing Lines concurrent program creates bill only (based on defaulting setup providing a defaulting rule has been defined for a billing line) sales order lines for each of the billing plan lines associated with the billing plan in the same sales order as the billing plan.
 These bill only lines interface data to Oracle Accounts Receivable which then creates the invoices against them. As the recurring billing process goes along, you can view the billing plan to view the amounts you have billed to your customers and the amounts you have yet to bill to your customers.

New tables are introduced for this 

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